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For Christmas, please make sure you talk to our spouse about stuff!! We can’t very well take something off the list because we know someone else got it…then the surprises would be ruined!  Just TALK, I say! This is the ultra-efficient way of answering mom’s question: “What do you want for your birthday?” Xavier: Bun doesn’t need much…it’s all still here from Warren!

  • donations to his RESP
  • A PINK SHIRT (for Pink Shirt Day, of course!)
  • diaper wipes
  • refills for the Diaper Genie
  • socks
  • seasonally appropriate clothing, though he really is well-provided for already.


  • Clothing – Pretty Shirts (XL, not full sleeved)
  • Green Pan(s)
  • Good non-stick frying pan
  • a chair-and-a-half for our new living room
  • a new, better sewing supplies box
  • A CD – “American Beauty” by the Grateful Dead
  • guitar picks and strings
  • Herb cutting scissors
  • Peace and love for all


  • Donations to his RESP
  • A pink shirt!!!
  • fridge magnets
  • pyjamas
  • Clothes  Start at 3 years and go up in size from there. He is low on pants now that he wears huge cloth diapers
  • pyjamas
  • Those wooden puzzles-but not a cheap one with questionable paint
  • Wooden toy blocks
  • Automoblox
  • Developmental toys (not too many)
  • Bob Munsch Books; Berenstein Bears; Franklin

Our New Home

  • magnet-activated cupboard locks
  • a bookshelf-style wine rack
  • a dining room area rug




  • Clothes (pants and shirts)
  • RFID Blocking wallet, like this or this or this or this
  • Lamy Safari fountain pen
  • Broadcom Crystal HD for the Apple TV (Can be purchased here or on ebay)


  • Inverter for the car, like this or a laptop inverter that will work in the car, specifically this one. It will, however, require modification with an Apple Mag Safe end to work with our laptops. Talk to Martin about how he did his.
  • 2.5″ SATA drive 500GB


  • Basic Qualification Course:
  • Portable Radio (Talk to Hans for suggestions/info… I really don’t know)
  • Mobile Radio (Talk to Hans for suggestions/info… I really don’t know)


  • Chinon
  • Bordeaux
  • Sancerre
  • Sauvignon du Touraine
  • Cremant
  • Burrowing Owl


  • Helmet
  • Laptop Panier like this
  • Walkable Cycling shoes
  • Clipless pedals
  • Good light (Talk to Stef)
  • Cycling Computer


  • 28″ Mac Display
  • The Indiana Jones movies (but not the newest movie)
  • Movies – the bourne series
  • Pink Floyd “The Wall” CD


  • A MacBook Pro
  • Creative Memories gear
  • another grandchild
  • A good bra from forever yours book to read date night stuff new cardigan sweater – longer length itunes card – so i can buy stuff for my ipod
  • an electric broom or something that works good on laminate flooring

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