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My open letter has also been forwarded to ALL BC MLAs with this note:

Posted by on September 7, 2014

 I am forwarding this open letter to EVERY MLA to encourage you to step up and do what is right for public education. Speak to the Premier, speak to the education minister and convince them that they are harming the people YOU represent. They are harming the province!

Defend public education! You can’t all agree with the gutting of public education that seems to be Ms. Clark’s agenda, can you? I have hardly heard any MLA take the government to task over their dealings with the teachers and the education system
Stand up and be counted! Make noise! FIGHT.
To all the Liberal MLAs, this applies to you WAY more than anyone else. You have the most influence, you have the most voice! if you don’t agree with what’s happening it’s time for you to take a PUBLIC stand.
I implore you; don’t let this continue!

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