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An open letter to the “Honourable” Christy Clark and “Honourable” Peter Fassbender.

Posted by on September 7, 2014


An open letter to the “Honourable” Christy Clark and “Honourable” Peter Fassbender.


Okay Madame Premier, Minister of Education, the BCTF has bent over backwards offering solutions to break this impasse and you’ve rejected them all.


It is time for YOU to come up with some suggestions. Repeating the call for negotiation while you slam, bash and insult the teachers will not work.




Your words are worthless, you actions speak much louder than your words. Right now my read on your actions is that a) you don’t want to solve this now b) you’ll end this when whatever goal you’ve set out is reached c) you don’t care about the teachers, parents or students, you only care about your jobs and the bottom line.


You are losing the public, as a parent I’m am VERY pissed off. I’ve sent you letters, which have been ignored. If I lived in a riding represented by a liberal MLA I’d be calling their office every day.


Liberal MLAs have shuttered their offices rather than face PEACEFUL parents. You were elected to represent the people and you are FAILING; how can you represent a group that you don’t even listen to!


This strike is hurting the company I work for. If it doesn’t get solved soon it will start to reduce my pay; others in my company have already had their hours cut DIRECTLY due to your inability to deal reasonably with the teachers.


You lie and twist the truth better than a slimy used car salesman. “Last time we went to binding arbitration we had to raise sales tax to pay for it.” Well, it might have had something to do with cutting the corporate income tax rate the previous year!


We are too far apart on benefits and wages, well then stop calling support staff and hiring more teachers “benefits”! Especially don’t compare these “benefits” to the benefits awarded to other unions, they don’t have to negotiate any of that stuff. I was going to tell you what the general public considers as benefits however you know all to well, you’d just prefer to mislead the public so that you can look better. What do you think we are? Idiots?


Oh and then there’s you, Ms. Clark, who spouts NONSENSE about what benefits the teachers have asked for. You need to apologize to the public for LYING to them. Unlimited massages was NEVER on the table, where the hell did you get that idea, especially since your government spent enough time harping on $3000/year of massages. Never mind the fact that the teachers TOOK IT OFF THE TABLE. Did you not fact check your speech? Or did you just think no one would notice?


I am very unhappy with how you’ve been bleeding the public education system dry. I am fearful you are going to try to turn us into the states and bring in a voucher system. YOU DO NOT HAVE A MANDATE TO DO THAT. Hell, you barely have a mandate to rule, but that’s a discussion for a different time.


I love BC and I live Vancouver. However you’re making me seriously thing about taking my middle class wage earning family and moving to somewhere in Canada where education is respected and valued.

André Baron

Burnaby, BC

One Response to An open letter to the “Honourable” Christy Clark and “Honourable” Peter Fassbender.

  1. khagen (age 78)

    As a senior citizen I am appaled at the tactics you use to defame the teachers. When you were elected premier you gave
    yourself and the others a hefty raise. Did you tell the people how much that would cost them. Tonight on the news hour
    you tell the people how much that would cost the taxpayer. IF you wanted the students back in school that is where they
    would be.
    The average taxpayer cannot afford a private school. PLEASE show us you care for us all. This is not Iraq or Ukraine

    Kaye Hagen

    mr fassbender and DeJong